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About Me
Leeftijd: ๑ 3.5 years

BerichtOnderwerp: L E G I O N   di 1 jan 2013 - 15:02

๑ L E G I O N๑

I am the wolf who
Lives in your dreams and nightmares
Feasting on your fears

๑ G E N E R A L

[Name] Legion
[Nickname] -
[Gender] Male
[Age] 2.5 Years
[Birth season] Spring

๑ R E L A T I O N S H I P S

[Parants] Accalia x ?
[Siblings] Elynn
[Parnter] x
[Ex-Partners] x
[Pups] x
[Other Family] Unknown

๑ A P P E A R A N C E

[Fur] Brownish
[Eye color] Ice Blue
[Nose color] Black
[Paw pads] Black
[Fur structure] Long and thik
[Build] A Big Boy

๑ I N S I D E

I'm a extremely arrogant and manipulative wolf who stops at nothing to get what I want. While others might see me as an enemy, I do have some redeeming qualities. Basically, I'm one sexy hot mess who can get anyone to fall for me. I love to fight and most of the times I win. Most of the time I hunt on other wolves to kill them or hurt them. But once you have gained my respect [That's very hard] I will help you if you are in trouble. Once I am snarling you have to watch out. I am not a cute or good wolf. I'm bad to the bone. Good wolves are wolves with a big sign on their head; 'EAT ME!'. So, poodles. Watch out. If you're a pup I would take you to your mum and drop you like that on the ground and give you a punch. I don't eat pup's but if they are really troubling me maby they will be my breakfast *Evil laugh* I hate the spring just as much as I hate poodles. It's really the season for good wolves. Juk, I feel sick now. I have never loved any wolf and will never do that. Maby a good/close friend or my mate from my previous home but no one else. Try hard and maby even harder. O, and maby you can see where i've been. There will be blood all over the place. Death will be there to smell and rotting corpses.

[Likes] Fighting and killing.
[Dislikes] Good wolves.

๑ H I S T O R Y

A raven black female wolf was running through the woods. The dark woods that belonged to her pack. The Shadows. She was Advisor for her Alpha and decided what would happen and what not. Her paws took her to a place deep in the dark forest. There she found out she was pregnant. Her pregnancy was her own secret. Nobody knew about it and she decided to just disappear for the pack for a few weeks. The moment she had given birth to two pup's she took care for them and nursed them. Their names were Legion and Elynn.
Now that they were two weeks old she took them back to her pack. It was way more safe there and her Alpha decided it was okay for her to have two pups. Accalia raised them and after one year she really disappeared. She was gone. My mother, Advisor of the Shadows the biggest pack in the area was gone. That was the moment I decided for myself to go my own way. I was raised a killer and a Casanova.

Just a year later I met Owyn. He also had a sister I met later on in life. Owyn and I became best friends for a half year. But before he became my friend he was a Poodle. But when he saw his true love killed before his own eyes he became bad. Those six months were good months. Only one day Owyn decided that it was enough. He was going to kill the King that killed his love, but I wasn't going with him. It was not my fight to fight.
I left that area and came to one totally new place. Far away of everything I knew.
This new place offered me a load of new things. I met Eevy and started my own pack; The Black Ops. Later on I met Owyn again. I didn't even recognised him at that time. We got in to a fight but when I saw it was him he came in to my pack. But that one moment changed everything. I was diffrent. I was not the same wolf anymore. I had become the monster everyone feared. And now? Now I'm just as alone as the moment my mother left me alone. I am proud of what I am. And the moment I walk in to a place everyone starts screaming. This is my history, and the future is ahead. I'm the Creed of the Black Ops. Are you ready to meet me ?

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